130W Niemi LED Grow Light Assembly

Niemi LED Grow Lights Come Either Pre-Assembled or Non-Assembled Depending On Your Preference

Instructions for how to assemble your 130 Watt Niemi LED Grow Light. Have your LED Grow Light operational in 3 easy steps.

Our grow lights use the highest rated Samsung LM301H & LM301B Diodes to power our LEDs.

Grow Light Assembly Step 1

Screw in LED Grow Light Board to Heat Sink

Screw in the PCB Board to the Heat sink with the 8 screws.

Grow Light Assembly Step 2

Wire Outlet Chord To Power Driver

Dark Blue Connects to Light Blue

Brown connects to Light brown / Pink

Yellow / Green connects Yellow / Green

Grow Light Assembly Step 3

Wire Positive and Negative To Power Supply and LED Board