Are Niemi LED high performance grow lights better than HPS (High Pressure Sodium) indoor grow lights?

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When comparing lm301b LED Quantum Boards there are a number of factors to consider. Quantum boards are quickly becoming the standard for all sizes of indoor gardens, ranging from beginners that want to grow a hardy garden without having to worry about complicated lighting to massive industry-scale grow operations.

LED Quantum Boards have a wider light spectrum then HPS

LEDs and specifically the LM301B light emitting diode, which is used in our quantum boards, have a wider and more refined light spectrum than that of a HPS light. Quantum Boards are designed to best mimic the light spectrum of the sun as studies have shown that plants absorb almost all parts of the active light spectrum, including UV light.

Quantum Boards generate less heat

An important factor in choosing your indoor grow light is how much heat your tent or grow area can handle and how optimized your ventilation system is. Quantum Boards offer an added advantage of generating less heat than a HPS grow light, requiring less energy to keep your grow area the ideal climate.

Quantum Boards LEDs are spaced out across the board which is also attached to a wide heatsink to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs and the power supply.

Quantum Boards are generally safer then HPS

Quantum Boards are are plug and play as high end indoor grow lights can get. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are inherently less dangerous as a failure would result in a single LED or row of LEDs no longer functioning. Additionally, all that is required to power a Quantum Board is a power supply / driver much like the ones that are in your computer or refrigerator.

LEDs for indoor gardens are only getting more powerful

Indoor grow light LEDs are in a constant state of research and development. Samsung is a leading company in the development of newer and more powerful LEDs. The lm301b light emitting diode is currently the standard and strongest indoor grow light LED on the market, however Samsung has recently announced the new LM301H diode which will be available for distribution by end of 2019.

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