Are Niemi LED high performance grow lights good for beginners?

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Quantum Boards are quickly becoming the most popular grow light for indoor gardens. Quantum Boards using lm301b diodes have becoming the standard for any level of gardener that want to produce serious results. Quantum Boards are designed with spaced LEDs that allow for a large light output range while also dissipating the heat produced by the LEDs.

Quantum Boards are perfect for beginner growers

Choosing the right grow light for your indoor garden is an important part in the overall success. There are numerous types of grow lights like CFLs, HPS, Metal Halides, Blurple LEDs, Quantum Boards and more. It can be overwhelming to figure out which light is best for a small or medium sized indoor garden. Quantum Boards not only a safer alternative, but also cost less when compared to HPS and MH grow lights.

Quantum Boards offer high intensity light output while producing less heat

LED Quantum Boards, specifically LM301B diodes output a full light spectrum, mimicking the light of the sun more closely than HPS and Metal Halides grow lights. LEDs are also in a constant state of research and development and over the past ~5 years have improved to be the same, if not better, light output then that of the HPS and Metal Halide lights. Large scale industry gardens have also primarily made the switch to LEDs using large Quantum Boards.

Quantum Boards are safe to use in your home

Light Emitting Diodes are inherently less risky as there are less parts and components required to power your light. Additionally, the power supply used on quantum boards is similar to what you would find in the appliances in your home. Quantum Boards also over extremely long shelf life over 10,000 hours of use before degradation of the LEDs begins, meaning your grow light will output high intensity light for a very long time.

Quantum Boards aren’t just used for small / medium indoor gardens, the pros use them too

Quantum Boards scale well and with the decreased heat output compared to the alternatives like HPS and Metal Halide lights, both small and medium indoor gardens as well as large industry scale indoor gardens have also made the switch to Quantum Board LEDs.

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