How much heat do Niemi LED grow lights produce?

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Do quantum boards produce a lot of head?

LED grow lights produce the least amount of heat compared to all other high performance grow light such as high pressure sodium (hps) and metal halide (mh) lighting. Quantum Boards have taken this advantage to the next level by designing a grow light that has hundreds of Samsung LM301B or LM301H diodes evenly distributed across a passively cooling heat sink. This unique design makes quantum boards the best high performance grow lights nor only for light output but also decreased overall heat output and dispersion.

Quantum Boards produce less heat compared to all other high performance grow lights

  • Dimmable high-efficiency grow light, dim your grow light up to 50% of maximum output during seedling, veg or for clones.
  • Passively coold heat sink design allows for better heat distribution and dispersion. No inline / builtin fan is required to cool these grow lights.
  • LEDs are positioned across a large PCB and heat sink, optimizing canopy penetration while reducing overall heat output.

Quantum Boards are passively cooled and require no built-in, noisy fan necessary to cool these lights

Quantum Boards are made with less parts and components then blurples like viraspectra and are far less prone to failure, quantum board LEDs are rated to perform at over 50,000 hours of use before degradation of the light emitting diode occurs. The passively cooled design of the quantum board does not require an in-line / built in fan to cool the components.

Because the LEDs are evenly spaced across the heat sink, heat produced by the diodes and power supply are minimal.

Quantum Boards not only produce less heat, they improve overall canopy light penetration

Quantum Boards has an evenly spread distribution of several hundred high performance Samsung LM301B or LM301H LEDs which together produce one of the highest light output of any professional grow light while also producing less heat.

The output from a Samsung diode is a full light spectrum, designed to closely mimic the light from the sun while also increasing certain color spectrums that are known to be highly beneficial to plant health and growth.

Quantum Board is a Trademark of Horticulture Lighting Group Company

The phrase Quantum Board is a trademarked by Horticulture Lighting Group which is a specific type of LED Grow Light that uses a 288-diode PCB with a heat sink and a power supply.

Niemi LED Grow Lights are a comparable alternative to the Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board

  • Same Top-Pin Samsung LM301B Diodes
  • Same High Quality, Heat Dissipating Heat Sinks
  • Same Dimmable Meanwell Power Supply / Drivers
  • Same Standard For High Quality Parts and Components

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