Samsung LM301H Niemi LED Grow Lights are now available in 3000k spectrum, 130watt and 260watt models

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Back in April of 2019, Samsung announced their newest and most efficient diode for indoor quantum boards the lm301h diode and planned to begin production in May. Niemi LED are one of the first supplies of the LM301H Quantum grow board and are offering it at an amazing introductory price.

130Watt and 260Watt Niemi LED High Performance Grow Lights with Samsung LM301H diodes are Now Available!

The first LM301H diodes have reached the manufacturer facility and production of the first LM301H Niemi Quantum Boards are under way. The manufacturer facility has also ran a sphere test on the diodes to guarantee the diode type.

The Samsung LM301H diodes are the newest and most powerful LED to date. Samsung has only begun distribution of the diode to manufacturers starting June 2019. Read more about the initial announcement by Samsung on the LM301H Diode.

The first 4000 pieces of LM301H diodes arriving at the manufacturer facility

The Samsung LM301H diode offers a 24% increase in efficiency over the LM301B

The LM301H diode improves the overall light intensity and color spectrum emitted. Using data backed by research, Samsung has increased the secondary color spectrum’s to better mimic the light of the sun and to more efficiently grow an indoor garden.

Get your hands on the first LM301H Quantum Boards available on the market while supplies last. The Niemi LM301H Quantum Board is available for back order now and will be shipping July 10th or possibly sooner, depending on when we receive the manufacturer shipment.

Niemi 130watt and 260watt LM301H High Performance LED Grow Lights are now available

We are happy to announce that do to overwhelming success that we have sold out of our 130w and 260w Niemi LED Quantum Boards and have another manufacturer build and shipment in progress. Product delivery is set for July 5th and all back orders will be shipped same day.

Samsung LM301H LED Grow Lights

The Highest Efficiency Diode Available

The Samsung LM301H Diode is the newest and most efficient diode to-date, surpassing the LM301B light output efficiency

Fuller Light Spectrum, Better Results

The brand new Samsung LM301H LED grow lights offer a fuller light spectrum to promote even healthier, fuller plant grwoth

New LM301H Samsung LED Grow Light

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4 thoughts on “Samsung LM301H Niemi LED Grow Lights are now available in 3000k spectrum, 130watt and 260watt models”

    1. Feel free to use coupon code ‘LED15OFF’ for $15 off your order if you decide to test out one of our LM301H diode grow lights. We are the first company to offer a grow light using the brand new Samsung LM301H diodes. The LM301H grow light offers a more efficient light output and a fuller color spectrum.

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