Samsung announces highest efficiency LED grow lights, LM301H at 3.03 μmol/J

LM301H Top-Shelf Quantum Boards by Niemi LED
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LM301H Quantum Boards are now available to order!

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Samsung has announced the LM301H top-shelf LED on April 23rd, an improvement to their mid-power light emitting diodes and now offers the highest photon efficacy among today’s mid-power white LED packages.

Samsung LM301H begins production May, 2019

Shipping is supposed to start in 1Q 2019. Samsung plans to begin mass producing these new diodes by the end of month, and will showcasing them at LIGHTFAIR International 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from May 21 to 23.

A fuller spectrum light emitting diode (LED)

The advantage of using a full spectrum diode enables faster growth, fuller harvests and a more resilient plant. Compared to other high performance LED grow lights like High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH), LEDs not only produce a fuller spectrum lighting but are now just as affordable. LEDs also offer lower power consumption, a longer lasting grow light and less parts for failure.

Numerous external and internal studies have shown that various light spectrum wavelengths, such as green, are important for overall plant growth. Samsung’s LM301H broad spectrum of white LED, including an enhanced blue, green and yellow provide optimal lighting to make plants grow better.

Additional wavelengths other than just blue and red are actually important for entire plant growth supported by numerous internal and external experimental studies. Following its extensive research into the matter, Samsung has determined that a broad white spectrum with specially selected green, yellow and red spectrum yields better results and allows lower overall costs by providing a higher efficiency LED.

As additional research and studies are being conducted to understand what color spectrum’s plants absorb and the benefits of each,  high performance LEDs like the Samsung LM301H will continue to break new efficiency records.

Samsung has also improved their overall light spectrum of the LM301H diodes by encompassing a broader spectrum of light from blue and green to red, which in-turn enhances immunity from plant disease and provides greater and stronger plant growth.

Samsung has also added blue, red and far-red LEDs to its top-shelf diodes and continues to add to the extensive variety of wavelength combinations needed to grow high quality produce.

3000k (Flower Stage) LM301H Light Spectrum – Quantum Board

4000k (Vegetative Stage) LM301H Light Spectrum – Quantum Board

3.03 μmol/J compared to the LM301B 2.60 µmol/J

Not does the LM301H diode offer a fuller spectrum light, it also outputs a higher intensity light while using the same amount of electricity as the lm301b diode, meaning powering your tents just got even cheaper. The LM301H diode is the highest μmol/J of any Quantum Board to date. With the combined increased light output with a wider light spectrum that more closely mimics the sun, the lm301h quantum board will quickly become the new standard diode used in top tier High Performance LED grow lights.

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