The Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Autoflowers Cannabis Plants

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What are the best LED grow lights for growing cannabis autoflower plants?

Autoflowers are engineered to begin flowers only a few weeks (roughly 30 days for the first signs of flower pistils) after sprout. Autoflowers give growers the unique advantage of not needing to switch light cycles to initiate the flower cycle, autoflowers also typically grow from seed to harvest quicker than regular pheno marijuana seeds.

The Enhanced REDSPEC Niemi LED Grow Light comes “plug and play”, simply plug your light in and start growing!

  • Enhances Autoflower Flower Cycle With Deep Red OSRAM 600nm LEDS
  • Promotes flowering while still being an excellent grow light from seed to harvest

Deep Red Spectrum Boosts Flower Spectrum, Perfect For Autoflowers

Like regular marijuana plants, autoflowers benefit from full spectrum lighting but also benefit from an additional enhanced flower spectrum. Niemi LED high performance grow lights are built with Samsung LM301B and the brand new LM301H LEDs, the most efficient and fullest light spectrum available for growing cannabis.

Adding deep red OSRAM 660nm LEDs to enhance the flower spectrum benefits autoflowers greatly as they are engineered to begin flowering no matter what time cycle the plants are on. Adding additional deep red OSRAM diodes enhances the flower spectrum making the Niemi LED REDSPEC grow lights the best LEDs for growing both autoflowers and regular marijuana plants.

The best spectrum grow light for autoflowers

Enhances flower growth while still being a full cycle light from seed to harvest

The enhanced flower spectrum promotes quicker and fuller plant growth both in veg and during flowering cycle. Autoflowers benefit from the added deep red enhanced flower spectrum during the entire grow cycle, making an enhanced NiemiLED REDSPEC grow light the best grow light for autoflower cannabis plants.

Autoflowers grown under high performance Niemi LED RESPEC enhanced flower spectrum grow lights

The best LED grow lights for autoflower cannabis plants

Niemi LED high performance LED grow lights are perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert growers.

  • An Additional 16 high performance OSRAM 600nm LEDs per board
  • Top Bin OSRAM Diodes Direct From Manufacturer
  • Sphere Test Certified, Quality Guaranteed
  • Ideal from seedling to harvest

Niemi LED grow lights produces less heat compared to all other high performance grow lights

The Most Efficient Light Spectrum For Autoflowers

Using the RSPEC Niemi LED grow light for your indoor grow operation guarantees you are using one of the highest efficiency grow lights to date.

The RSPEC Grow Light combines the power of the highly efficient Samsung LM301B full white LEDs with the Deep Red OSMRAM 660nm LEDs to boost the overall red spectrum, enhancing the flower cycle,

  • RSPEC speeds up flower cycle growth, less time to harvest
  • RSPEC Promotes a fuller more dense flower stage
  • RSPEC Deep Red enhances the 660nm spectrum

R Ratio (%): 23.6
Eq(µmol/m/s):  662.42
Par(W/m): 1.4510E2
PPFD(µmol/m/s): 3.1499E1

The Best Autoflower LED Grow Lights - OSRAM 660NM Deep-Red LEDs

Buy the best LED grow light for growing autoflowers

The RSPEC Deep-Red Niemi LED Grow Lights are available in three convenient sizes; the 130w RSPEC, the 260w RPSEC grow lights and the 520watt REDSPEC grow light are perfect for small, medium and large sized grow tents. The Niemi LED RSPEC grow lights are sphere test certified and made with the highest quality parts and components. Be confident you are receiving an incredibly well built high performance grow light at affordable pricing. You won’t find a better deal on the brand new RSPEC Deep RED OSRAM 600NM Grow Lights!

Great For 2×2 and 3×3 grow areas

130Watt REDSPEC Grow Light

Great For 3×3 and 4×4 grow areas

260Watt REDSPEC Grow Light

Great For 4×4, 5×5 and 6X6 grow areas

520Watt REDSPEC Grow Light

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