The RSPEC Deep-Red Niemi LED Grow Lights Are Now Available

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Introducing the Niemi LED RSPEC Deep-Red LED Grow Lights

The new RSPEC Niemi LED Grow Lights combine the power of the Samsung lm301b diode with the deep red initiating OSRAM 660nm LEDs. Built with an additional 16 high performance OSRAM 600nm diodes, the RSPEC Grow Light  increases the overall 3500k red light spectrum, enhancing flower cycle while still being a great all-around light from seed to harvest.

The RSPEC Niemi LED Grow Light comes “plug and play”, simply plug your light in and start growing!

  • Enhances Flower Cycle With Deep Red OSRAM 600nm LEDS
  • Dimmable Grow Light with Mean Well Driver

Deep Red Spectrum Boosts Plant Production

The RSPEC Grow Light offers a high intensity deep red light, creating an ultra-efficient full cycle grow light. RPSEC improves on the LED light spectrum output by boosting the amount of red light (3000k).

Recently, many studies have concluded that it’s not just a certain subset of light that is best at any time, the reality is, as in nature, balance is key and so most of the studies concluded that full spectrum lighting promotes a fuller, more robust plant growth.

OSRAM 660NM Deep-Red LEDs

Enhances flower growth while still being a full cycle light from seed to harvest

The RSPEC Niemi LED grow lights are designed in either 3000K or 3500K (full cycle)
with full white light spectrum Samsung LM301B light emitting diodes with an additional 16 deep red OSRAM 600nm diodes. The RSPEC design offers a fuller spectrum light and improves light penetration through the canopy. The RSPEC Grow Light increases the electrical efficiency and overall  light spectrum – Enjoy lower energy costs, less heat and more output.

Top-Bin OSRAM 660NM & Samsung Diodes LM301B 3500k Spectrum

  • 16 Pieces of OSRAM 600nm LEDs per board
  • Top Bin OSRAM Diodes Direct From Manufactorer
  • Sphere Test Certified, Quality Gauranteed
  • Ideal from seedling to harvest

LED grow lights produce less heat compared to all other high performance grow lights

The Most Efficient Light Spectrum To Date

Using the RSPEC Niemi LED grow light for your indoor grow operation guarantees you are using one of the highest efficiency grow lights to date.

The RSPEC Grow Light combines the power of the highly efficient Samsung LM301B full white LEDs with the Deep Red OSMRAM 660nm LEDs to boost the overall red spectrum, enhancing the flower cycle,

  • RSPEC Speeds up flower cycle growth, less time to harvest
  • RSPEC Promotes a fuller more dense flower stage
  • RSPEC Deep Red enhances the 660nm spectrum

R Ratio (%): 23.6
Eq(µmol/m/s):  662.42
Par(W/m): 1.4510E2
PPFD(µmol/m/s): 3.1499E1

130Watt and 260Watt RSPEC LED Grow Lights


The RSPEC Deep-Red Niemi LED Grow Lights are available in two convenient sizes the 130w watt RSPEC and the 260w RPSEC grow lights are perfect for small and medium sized grow tents. The Niemi LED RSPEC grow lights are sphere test certified and made with the highest quality parts and components. Be confident you are receiving an incredibly well built high performance grow light at affordable pricing. You won’t find a better deal on the brand new RSPEC Deep RED OSRAM 600NM Grow Lights!

130Watt RSPEC Niemi LED Grow Light

Built with 272 High Efficiency Top-Bin Samsung LM301B Diodes +  16 OSRAM 660nm Deep-Red Initiating Diodes



260Watt RSPEC Niemi LED Grow Light

Built with 2 LED boards totaling 544 Top-Bin Samsung LM301B Diodes +  32 OSRAM 660nm Deep-Red Diodes



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8 thoughts on “The RSPEC Deep-Red Niemi LED Grow Lights Are Now Available”

    1. Appreciate the pre-order of our brand new RSPEC grow lights. The external dimmer is very nice and easy to use, a great option for early veg / seedlings or if your grow area has a tendency of getting too warm.

  1. Excited for these lights, you guys seem like a great company. I have been watching these guys and they have a lot of new products coming down the pipe in the near future. They will be mentioned in the top 3 once they catch on and fill out their product line a bit. I

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