What are the differences between 3000k Vs 3500k Vs 4000k Light Spectrum For Growing Cannabis

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Each light spectrum has specific enhancements for growing cannabis

High performance LED grow lights have different light spectrum options like 3000k, 3500k and 4000k to optimize the light output for the specific grow environment you want to achieve. Each spectrum increases light efficacy by enhancing different colors of the light spectrum to promote certain aspects of plant growth. Cannabis can grow the entire length of the growth cycle under 3000k, 3500k and 4000k but there are some specific benefits and negatives to each spectrum.

Light intensity matters most

It’s proven that the most important lighting factor for cannabis growth is not necessarily the light spectrum but more so the light intensity and distribution of light that matters most. Put simply, more watts equals better buds. There is a reason that the phrase “1 gram/watt” is the standard for measuring the top performance a grow tent can output. Grow lights powered with Samsung LM301B or LM301H diodes are the most powerful horticulture LED to-date and out performs all other high performance grow lights, including high pressure sodium (hps) and metal halide (mh).

But light spectrum is important too..

While light intensity is king, optimizing the light spectrum for your intended purpose will only benefit your grow tent. It’s important to chose the right spectrum when ordering a grow light as some spectrum’s will focus heavily on certain areas of growth and may not be a full-cycle light that can be used from seed to flower.

3000k Light Spectrum

is a full cycle spectrum that can be used for the full length of the grow, with an enhanced flower stage

  • An all-purpose spectrum with an enhanced flower spectrum
  • A great spectrum for veg and flower

3500k Light Spectrum

is another full cycle spectrum that can be used from seed to flower but incorporates more veg light spectrum

  • An all-purpose spectrum with an even veg and flower spectrum
  • Both 3000k and 35000k are a great spectrum for seed to harvest

4000k Light Spectrum

has an enhanced blue spectrum and is designed for the veg cycle

  • Designed for vigorous, dense veg growth
  • A great spectrum for veg, clones or mother grow tents

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3 thoughts on “What are the differences between 3000k Vs 3500k Vs 4000k Light Spectrum For Growing Cannabis”

  1. New grower finishing first grow and am looking to expand. What light would you recommend for a 3×5 closet, will specifically be used for vegetation only. Thanks

    Randy W

  2. Can you give a Light (Size & Spectrum) and tent size recommendation for a first time grower, looking to grow 2 plants (in a space that I can walk into) to maximum quality and yield?
    Thank You,
    John R

    1. We would suggest our 130w RSPEC grow light for 2 plant, but the sq ft of your grow area is what is most important. Our 130w grow light will cover up to a 3×2 grow area while our 260w grow lights cover a larger area, up to 4×4. However, our 260w grow lights typically grow ~5 plants so we would likely suggest our dimmable 130w RSPEC to someone looking to grow a few cannabis plants within a smaller grow area.

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